Saturday, 5 June 2010

Updated Power Spectrum from an Image

A while back I posted on using ImageMagick to do a full frequency-decomposition on an image, and create a power spectrum. It had several inaccuracies. Here's an update with how to do it better

First, you need to install a version of IM which is HDRI enabled (see here)

# test for valid version of Image Magick
 im_version=`convert -list configure | \  
sed '/^LIB_VERSION_NUMBER /!d; s//,/; s/,/,0/g; s/,0*\([0-9][0-9]\)/\1/g'`
[ "$im_version" -lt "06050407" ] && errMsg "--- REQUIRES IM VERSION 6.5.4-7 OR HIGHER ---"

# test for hdri enabled
 hdri_on=`convert -list configure | grep "enable-hdri"`  
[ "$hdri_on" = "" ] && errMsg "--- REQUIRES HDRI ENABLED IN IM COMPILE ---"

#read $file, load and converting to greyscale
 convert $file -colorspace gray in_grey.tiff  

# crop image to smallest dimension
 min=`convert in_grey.tiff -format "%[fx: min(w,h)]" info:`  

# crop image, and convert to png (why?)
 convert in_grey.tiff -background white -gravity center -extent ${min}x${min} in_grey_crop.png  

# get data, find mean as proportion, convert mean to percent, and de-mean image
 data=`convert in_grey_crop.png -verbose info:`  
mean=`echo "$data" | sed -n '/^.*[Mm]ean:.*[(]\([0-9.]*\).*$/{ s//\1/; p; q; }'`
m=`echo "scale=1; $mean *100 / 1" | bc`
convert in_grey_crop.png -evaluate subtract ${m}% in_grey_crop_dm.png

# pad to power of 2
 p2=`convert in_grey_crop_dm.png -format "%[fx:2^(ceil(log(max(w,h))/log(2)))]" info:`  
convert in_grey_crop_dm.png -background white -gravity center -extent ${p2}x${p2} in_grey_crop_dm_pad.png

# fft
 convert in_grey_crop_dm_pad.png -fft in_ft.png  

# get spectrum
 convert in_ft-0.png -contrast-stretch 0 -evaluate log 10000 in_spec.png  

... but it's still not quite right. Any tips?

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