Wednesday, 15 February 2012

SmartGit on Ubuntu 10.04

SmartGit is a graphical user interface for managing and creating git repositories for software version control

First, uninstall any git you already have (or thought you had)
 sudo apt-get remove git  
Then, get the latest git
 sudo aptitude build-dep git-core  
 tar xvzf git-  
 cd git-  
 sudo make install  
 cd ..  
 rm -r git- git-  
Next, you need Java Runtime Environment 7 which you can download from here

and then follow the installation instructions here

Download SmartGit from here, then
 tar xvzf smartgit-generic-2_1_7.tar.gz  
 cd smartgit-2_1_7  
 cd bin  
Then edit the smartgit shell script
updating SMARTGIT_JAVA_HOME to where JRE is installed (e.g. /usr/lib/jvm/jrel1.7.0_03). Now you're ready to run
As part of the installation you will be prompted for the location of git, which you can find out by issuing in another terminal:
 whereis git  

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