Saturday, 10 September 2011

Computational geometry with Matlab and MPT

For computational geometry problems there is a rather splendid tool called the Multi Parametric Toolbox for Matlab Here are a few examples of using this toolbox for a variety of purposes using 3D convex polyhedra represented as polytope arrays. In the following examples, P is always a domain bounded 3D polytope array


nitish sharma said...

sir can u please help me doing a code,i want to slice a polytope
i have a polytope
clear; m = 8; % number of constraints
n = 3; % dimension
H = randn(m,n); % m rows and n cols%
K = 100* abs(randn(m,1));
P = polytope(H,K);
now i want to slice that polytope into two
can u please tell ne how to code in matlab for doing this
then i want to calculate the volumes of the two smallers polytopes please help me

nitish sharma said...

please reply me at