Saturday, 15 September 2012

Alternative to bwconvhull

Matlab's bwconvhull is a fantastic new addition to the image processing library. It is a function which, in its full capacity, will return either the convex hull of the entire suite of objects in a binary image, or alternatively the convex hull of each individual object. I use it, in the latter capacity, for filling multiple large holes (holes large enough that imfill has no effect) in binary images containing segmented objects 

For those who do not have a newer Matlab version with bwconvhull included, I have written this short function designed to be an alternative to the usage

 P= bwconvhull(BW,'objects');

and here it is:

It uses the IP toolbox function regionprops, around for some time, to find the convex hull images of objects present, then inscribes them onto the output image using the bounding box coordinates. Simples!

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