Thursday, 6 December 2012

Create Custom Launchers in Fedora

I just finished installed SmartGit on my new OS, like I did the last one

SmartGit is a simple bash script that I had to run from the command line. This time I decided I wanted a program launcher from my applications menu and my 'favourites bar' (or whatever that thing on the left hand side of the desktop is called!) 

So first I moved the smartgit folder from ~/Downloads/ to /usr/local/ and made the .sh script executable

Then to create a launcher I made a new .desktop file:

and added the following:

Of course the 'Icon' can be anything you like - I chose the one which comes with the program out of sheer non-inventivenessIn Applications it will appear under All and Accessories. Right click and 'Add to Favourites' and it will appear on your side bar.

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